TV Shows To Marathon

Oh, Netflix. I love/hate you. But mostly I love you.

I was a little confused when you split the streaming and DVD services (it, like, costs more now!), especially when you called it Qwickster (Quickster?).

But now I don’t even care about the extra dollars you’re stealing from me every month (yes, stealing).

And I don’t care because streaming allows for instant gratification, aka binge, watching.

I dare you, reader, to watch just one episode of House of Cards. Or Orange Is The New Black. Or Fraiser.

In no specific order, here are some shows you should set some time aside for and watch an episode or three:

(NOTE – not all of these shows are available for streaming on Netflix. You’ll have to get creative.)

  • House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (aka Princess Buttercup)
  • Orphan Black – one actress plays six characters and she’s awesome
  • Hemlock Grove (warning – this show gets a little gross)
  • Orange Is The New Black, for everyone who’s secretly wanted to serve time in prison (no? just me?)
  • 24 – Jack Bauer!
  • Luther, starring sexy Idris Elba
  • The West Wing – compelling, smart, funny, makes you want to believe in government.

That’s your homework for now. But what do you think? What is a must-see for you?

2 thoughts on “TV Shows To Marathon

  1. Arrested Development, Alias, Fringe, Cheers, SNL, Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure), Parks and Rec, the Office, lost, Catherine Tate show… There are more but I am looking a little sad with my list.

    • Yes, yes, meh, yes, yes, nooooo (though I’m making my way through Sex and the City, so maybe it’s just NYC we love), yes, only the first few seasons, yes, never heard of it. Good suggestions, Jacquie!

So what do you think?

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