An Ode to BluBlockers

I love my BluBlockers, and I want to share with you the story of how they changed my life.

Back story:

From June of 2007 until the end of October 2012, I was a studio tour guide at Warner Bros. Studios. Most of the time, I loved my job. I made some great friends, met a lot of fascinating people, and got to see and experience movie magic on a daily basis. Part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a brief stop at the studio museum. Featuring props and costumes from the beginnings of Warner Bros. through movies that have yet to hit theaters, the museum is always a highlight for visitors and employees alike.

About a year and a half ago, museum curators brought in costumes and props from the wildly successful comedy film The Hangover. I was probably the last person to jump on the bandwagon for this film, but jump I did. I love it. It’s hilarious, fun, and over-the-top just the right amount. (Side note: don’t waste your time with The Hangover II – it was terrible. I have modest hopes for the third and

final Hangover film, due out this summer. We’ll see.) I own the film, have a movie poster from the film, and have been in a very real inner debate about whether or not to purchase and wear this shirt.

Three tours a day took me to the museum three times a day, so I spent a lot of time checking out all the exhibits. I’ve read every placard, examined every button, and learned many secrets. And every single time I walked into the museum and saw that baby doll wearing Alan’s BluBlockers, the same thought popped into my head without fail – that baby looks so darn cool!The Hangover exhibit is modest, including one full costume for each of the three main characters (Alan, Stu, and Phil). A giant stuffed tiger that served as the stand-in for the real tiger and photos from Stu’s Vegas wedding round out the exhibit. But on the mannequin modeling Alan’s clothes there is also a baby carrier with a baby doll, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the actual baby who played Carlos, and that baby doll is wearing Alan’s BluBlockers.

And that’s why I bought my BluBlockers. I wanted to be as cool as that synthetic baby in the Warner Bros. Studios museum.

Ordering my BluBlockers:

A simple Google search directed me to the official BluBlockers website. The website, as you should see for yourself, is simple and smooth, easy to navigate, and even confirms that it was their product that was used in the film.

I ordered a pair of the demi-tortoise original aviator BluBlockers 2681K. Easy-peasy, standard ground shipping, arrival in two weeks.

In the meantime:

While waiting for my BluBlockers to arrive (and for me to finally be as cool as Carlos), I explored their site and read first about the history of the brand.

The origin of the BluBlocker Sunglasses started with NASA, y’all! Apparently the UV rays are much stronger in space, so “a California sunglass manufacturer designed a pair that not only blocked UV rays but blue rays as well. By blocking blue rays, objects would appear sharper and clearer since blue light did not focus on the retina which is the focusing screen of your eye.”

And according to, “the blu blocker lens has been around for decades. Its popularity continues to grow due to the extreme eye coverage these lenses offer. Those with highly sensitive eyes often find that blu blockers are the only type of lenses they can wear when in the sun or glaring conditions, such as on the slopes skiing or when snowmobiling. Blu blockers are a year-round eye choice.”

Highly sensitive eyes like my baby blues? Awesome.

Then I read a little bit about the technology and design of the sunglasses:

  • The lenses are scratch resistant and shatterproof.
  • The frames are made out of a flexible memory-retention nylon material, and can be stretched but will always return to their original shape.

In conclusion: “BluBlocker Corporation has sold over 20 million pair of sunglasses worldwide and has been turning out the most advanced sunglasses—all at a reasonable price. In short, you can’t buy a better pair of sunglasses at any price.”

I completely agree.

My BluBlockers:

A few weeks after placing the order, my BluBlockers arrived. Prior to this pair of perfect sunglasses, my sunglasses were whatever I could find in the lost and found at work. Sometimes this worked out well (hello, Ray Bans!), but most of the time they were cheap glasses that scratched and broke easily. But hey, free is free, right?

This pair, however, I treasured. To this day, nearly a year later, I still store them in a case.

And they’re perfect. I don’t squint at all anymore (even at midday), and I see things clearer, especially while driving. I make my friends try them on (but only for a minute or so – my baby blues, remember?), after which they declare that they, too, NEED BluBlockers.

Yes, it’s a need. Now onto the secret bonus (and true purpose) of BluBlockers.

Happy heart:

I wear my BluBlockers all the time unless it’s nighttime. This means that I wear my BluBlockers on cloudy days, too. I still squint on cloudy days because the sun is still out, as are the blue rays and UV rays.

But when I’m wearing my BluBlockers, even if it’s cloudy and overcast and dreary for everyone else, for me, it’s warm and sunny.

I’ve done an informal study and have observed that on cloudy overcast days, people’s moods and attitudes reflect the weather. Much like Eeyore, they become gloomy and melancholy.

But put the magical BluBlockers on and go for a brisk walk around the block, and the fresh air and yellow-tinted views will perk you up in no time.

See? The BluBlockers block the physical blues and the emotional blues.

In conclusion:

That’s why I love BluBlockers.

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