I’m a trendsetter.

Well, my roommate is. But I’m her enabler, and I’m officially spreading the word, so I’m the real trendsetter.

Living room karaoke.

Think about it. Why go to a bar, pay to sing in front of strangers (and your friends, if they’re with you), and not even get to sing your favorite song? Instead, do it in the comfort of your own home (sweatpants and tank tops are highly recommended), choose from an endless selection of songs, and belt your heart out.

And no microphone needed.

I figure most of us living in a first-world country have at least some way of connecting their tv to the internet. My roommates and I have our Blu-Ray player hooked up, and it’s through that little machine that all the magic happens.

If your Blu-Ray player, Wii or PS3 consoles have access to the internet, then they have access to YouTube.

YouTube! Just a simple search of “karaoke” and then the name of your favorite musical turns up dozens of song choices. Pick your favorite song, turn up the volume, and you’re all set!

I’m sure our neighbors are enjoying our new-found hobby, too.

Living room karaoke – try it tonight!

So what do you think?

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