Nina and Emily Watch “The Voice”

As implied, here is the edited transcript of our comments and observations during last night’s episode of NBC’s “The Voice.”

8:06 PM Nina: hereeee
8:07 PM Emily: woo!
  you watching live yet?
  i’m almost done with a preliminary blog
8:08 PM Nina: yeah i am, i don’t want to be on video though i look gross!
 Emily: nooo
  just chat like this
 Nina: oh okay
  first battle almost on
 Emily: k, i’m turning on tonight’s episode. will finish last night’s after
(Contestants Cody Belew and Domo sing Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” for their battle round.)
8:09 PM i love how dramatic it is with them getting out of the cars
 Nina: i know lol
8:10 PM Emily: i like this gaga song
 Nina: i love her pink shoooes
 Emily: ew, weird shoulder dance moves from the guy!
8:11 PM Nina: this is more of a dance competition right now, she’s flat
 Emily: she certainly looks more the part for this song
 Nina: yuck, i’d ditch both of them
 Emily: ha! his shoulder dancing now makes me laugh
8:13 PM ew! christina’s eyes!
 Nina: wowww
8:14 PM i like that christina’s boobs aren’t out this episode
 Emily: she looks like old (aka young) christina tonight
8:15 PM Nina: yeah like come on ovaaa
  with those colors
 Emily: yesss…
  and she’s lost weight
 Nina: ugh i miss my childhood
  yes she has
8:18 PM is parenthood really that depressing? every single commercial i see
  oh oh cute guy
8:19 PM Emily: ha! i’ve never watched it
(Contestants Aquile and Nathalie Hernandez sing James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something.”)
Nina: billie joe come back
 Emily: yay!
8:21 PM Nina: ohh this may be a good one
8:24 PM they’re both so young!
  aww thats cute
8:27 PM Nina: they didnt battle right? i didnt realize commercial was on
8:28 PM okay here we go
8:29 PM oh whoa i love her voice
 Emily: i think i’m biased though
 Nina: why
8:30 PM Emily: i just melt when a guy can sing, and sing so well
8:31 PM Nina: ohhh
  i’m a sucker for that (irish? scottish?) singer from last night
 Emily: me, too! terry
 Nina: adam
8:32 PM i’m still a zit sometimes, even at 24
 Emily: i love how nice the judges are
  i sense a steal…
 Nina: hmmm
8:33 PM oh my
 Emily: silly carson and his “victory arms”
 Nina: carson is a punk lol
8:34 PM Emily: he’s handsome though
 Nina: he doesn’t age
 Emily: i know!
 Nina: im getting cheetos brb
 Emily: ha! okay.
8:35 PM i’m drinking a hot toddy.
 Nina: go on with your bad self
8:36 PM Emily: my roommate and i have discussed how i can drink one at work
 Nina: uhhh yeah ya can
8:37 PM i looooove catherine ohara
 Emily: she’s hysterical
8:38 PM Nina: i wish i was crazy enough to be her
 Emily: you could be, someday
 Nina: lol thanks
8:39 PM Emily: 😀
 Nina: lol
(Contestants Caitlin Michele and Melanie Martinez sing Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” for their battle round.)
 if that little girl doesnt win shes gonna get a steal
8:40 PM Emily: i feel like they’re stretching out the season. more on a team this year, steals allowed… it’s gonna take forever to get to the live shows
  we HAVE to go, and take Jaimie with us
 Nina: that’s true
  if 1iota is still doing it i can prob get us in
  since i used to work for them
8:41 PM Emily: yay!
8:42 PM i’d love to go to the penultimate live show. i wanna see all the final performances. i don’t need to see the results show.
 Nina: yeah same
  i wanna see michael buble in person!!!!!
 Emily: aaahhh! yes!
  would he be there?
8:43 PM Nina: last year the coaches were
  i mean the asst coach
8:44 PM Emily: really? i was there, and I don’t remember seeing them. wait, last year like this past spring? or last year as in first season?
 Nina: oops i meant the first season
 Emily: ah
8:46 PM ew, creepy layaway lady
8:47 PM Nina: tax breaks
8:49 PM can i just interrupt and say how much i love my lannister cover photo
  okay resume
 Emily: haha
  yes, it’s fab
 Nina: she’s the gothic adele
 Emily: i was just thinking that!
8:50 PM Nina: hahaha
 Emily: they’re both good, but Two-Tone is just a bit too young for this show, I think
 Nina: yeah she’s giving too much airy
8:51 PM Emily: i hate that they set up these often-amazing duets, and then have to choose
 Nina: omg you need to tell me as soon as you watch visions of love [from Monday night’s episode]
8:52 PM adam is hot, but i would date blake in a heatbeat bc i love his attitude
 Emily: me, too
  i’d date either of them
  prolly marry blake
  and i want to redo christina’s mascara
  it’s scaring me
 Nina: lol
8:53 PM hmm blake’s a gemini…never dated a gemini
  my zodiac side is curious
 Emily: i’m a capricorn
 Nina: ugh, i’ve dated you before
 Emily: i don’t know much at all about that stuff
 Nina: it’s not my religion, like some people, but i have a sincere interest/passion in it
8:55 PM Emily: i’m sorry, but volvos will never look sexy
8:58 PM Nina: ohhh snap
 Emily: well, you were right about a steal
 Nina: lol
8:59 PM Emily: good choice, GA
9:00 PM Nina: hmmm interesting
  i like this second chance thing
 Emily: me, too
  ooh, but they only get two steals
 Nina: wait its done!? lame
 Emily: lame!
  i thought it was two hours
 Nina: hahahaha me too
 Emily: well, now i can finish last night’s ep
(With the hour-long episode over, I returned to watching Monday night’s two-hour episode).
9:01 PM Nina: omg you need to let me know at the end
 Emily: i will
(Contestants Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte sing Mariah Carey’s “Visions of Love” for their battle round and totally kill it.)
9:22 PM Emily: okay, they’re rehearsing [Visions of Love] right now
 Nina: ahhh
9:23 PM im excited for you
 Emily: steals for sure, i’m guessing
  i hope the dude wins the show though
9:24 PM Nina: 🙂
9:26 PM Emily: aaahhh! it’s too good! i’m definitely buying the song on itunes
9:27 PM i love that Adam stood up in his chair
  Oh em gee.
 Nina: ughhh its so lovely, i listened to it again
9:28 PM Emily: yeah, i like adam scruffier
  and i love that blake hits on everybody
 Nina: lol me too
9:30 PM Emily: i love that all the other judges are just so ready to steal whomever cee-lo doesn’t take
 Nina: i know lol
9:31 PM i couldn’t have picked, they were phenomenal
 Emily: amanda’s more polished
  but the other guy’s got such amazing pipes
9:32 PM Nina: that’s true, they both gave me chills
  i want them to sing together all the time
 Emily: i know!
  i just told my roommate that they’re ready to do shows in vegas or do a tour, the two of them together
 Nina: absolutely.
9:33 PM Emily: oh be honest, amanda, you chose adam because he’s hot
9:34 PM Nina: omg that was her biggest mistake
  im like, wtf you doing girl
 Emily: who do you think she should’ve chosen?
9:35 PM Nina: christina!!!!
 Emily: aww, cee-lo’s sulking
 Nina: what can adam show her? she’s already great
 Emily: yeah, i would’ve picked christina
 Nina: christina would give her control
  now im on a mariah kick
9:36 PM Emily: always be my baby is the first music video i’d ever seen
 Emily: one sweet day is my fav
  shes so young
9:37 PM Emily: all right, friend, i gotta shower and then hit the hay
  this was so much fun though
 Nina: okie doke 🙂
  nice talking with you
  enjoy work tomorrow
 Emily: bye!

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