Meet Nina

I have a friend (and former co-worker) named Nina. Read her fabulous blog here.

Recently on Facebook, she called me her “media soulmate.”

Readers, it’s true.

I’m catching up on some tv from Monday night, so I’m fast-forwarding commercials on last night’s “The Voice.” Are you watching the show? You should be. The contestants, even in audition rounds, are actually good, the judges have current, legit careers, and everyone’s so nice and encouraging, even if someone’s not quite right for the show.

I texted Nina a little observation I had about the coaches and their superstar guest mentors.

“I’m just now watching last night’s ‘The Voice.’ Billie Joe has really small teeth.”

“Omg I’m still watching yesterday’s and I was just thinking how great he looks.”

“Well I agree, but his teeth are so small! And why does Rob Thomas still have his 90s haircut?”

“Hahahahaha I thought that too. We need to watch these together.”

“Come over!!”

“Too late. In bed with pjs. Next week.”

That, that right there, pretty much sums up our relationship.

A live blog of tonight’s episode may be coming, folks.

Stay tuned.

So what do you think?

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