Casting Call: “Superman: Man of Steel”

I’m gonna go ahead and just throw this out there:

I think Leonardo DiCaprio should play Superman.

There, I’ve said it.

In election-speak, Leonardo DiCaprio is my write-in vote. He is a gambler, taking risks and choosing projects that are ambitious and on-the-fence (the kind of movies most people would pooh-pooh as “a nice idea, but not box office money”) and turning them into compelling, must-see films, not to mention worldwide blockbusters (Inception, anyone?). With Zack Snyder on board to direct ā€œSuperman: Man of Steel,ā€ DiCaprio could be persuaded to sign on and Iā€™d be first in line to buy tickets to see the result of their collaboration.

Plus, he’s tall, handsome, looks good in a suit and he’s an American boy (I’m looking at you, darling Henry Cavill – much as I love you, I don’t think fans would like a Brit playing their beloved Superman).

So while the folks over at Entertainment Weekly (who, I’m pretty sure, don’t have any actual say in the casting of our next Clark Kent) didn’t mention DiCaprio at all in their recent poll, I’m still hoping for a blue-eyed Superman.

One thought on “Casting Call: “Superman: Man of Steel”

  1. Sorry Em, I’m afraid he’s too short and not buff enough for me. He’s only 6’even. Superman needs to be taller and heftier.
    Also, I think he needs to be someone not so well known and even younger. If I think of someone I’ll let you know.


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