Dr. Zhivago

I just got home from seeing “Dr. Zhivago” on the big screen at Warner Bros.

Beautiful film.

If you ever have a chance to see it on the big screen, do it. It’s not a film to be taken lightly, while at home with the distractions of life readily available.

Also, I vow here and now NEVER to see the remake of “Dr. Zhivago” with Keira Knightly.

I don’t understand why Hollywood insists on remaking films (a remake of “Clue,” really?!?) that are so perfect just the way they are.

“Dr. Zhivago” is a masterpiece. Good job, MGM and David Lean.

(P.S. I saw Bryan Cranston today at work. He was in the museum, just looking at all the stuff.  He’s got hair, so “Breaking Bad” must be on hiatus.)

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