Geek Out

I try to keep this blog professional (-ish), fun, and entertaining.  I try not to spread the geek on too thick, but it happens sometimes.

Like tonight.

I met Wil Wheaton today.

He was on the lot again to tape an episode of the funniest comedy on TV (The Big Bang Theory) and I ran into him (and Bill) outside the commissary while on a dinner break.  Bill and I are old acquaintances, so we fell into easy conversation, with Wil interjecting every once in a while (I agree, Wil, Tim Burton’s Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is a classic).

It wasn’t a long conversation, I didn’t even properly introduce myself to him (hi, Wil, I’m Emily!), but in those few short minutes, I learned a lot about him.

He’s very sweet: he was on a well-deserved break after 5 days of rehearsals and was about to perform live in front of an audience full of die-hard fans, but he took the time to just chill and chat with Bill and I.  No rush to get back to stage, no impatience, he seemed very content just to hang out for a bit.

He’s a super fan: he was following Bill around like a puppy.  Wil has proudly proclaimed his love for The Big Bang Theory on his blog, and I’m sure he’ll continue to do so for as long as the show is on TV and probably even after that.  Wil is a BBT geek. He was also, I’m pretty sure but my memory could be fuzzy, wearing some shirt that had something to do with sci-fi, computers, or science. I could be totally wrong, but I do remember that his knapsack thingy had an old-school seatbelt buckle.  He looked like a college student who was on the lot to shadow one of his favorite producers of his favorite show.

He’s cute: Yes, the man is, according to IMDb, 37 years old, but without the beard, he’d look like he was only 12. It’s strange for me to think that Wesley Crusher, the heartthrob of my youth, is all grown up, is a husband and a father, is playing evil incarnations of himself, but it’s all true.  He’s still handsome!

He’s a great writer: I already knew this just from reading his blog, but hearing him speak only confirms that he’s smart, reads a lot, and is a great writer.  I’d love to just grab a cup of coffee with Wil and pick his brain about writing.  Mostly, I’d ask him how he tricks himself into just starting (that’s my big problem).

In conclusion, Wil Wheaton is everything I’d hoped he would be.

Wil, if you’re reading this, I’m in the Eagle Rock area every weekend – let’s grab coffee sometime!

So what do you think?

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