A lot of things have been said and written about Lost lately.

I watched the hour-long recap and two-hour season premiere.  It felt so good to return to that crazy little island.  I thought it was a very good episode (I guess technically it was two episodes, part 1 and part 2), and a good, solid start to the final season.

That’s really all I can say about it.  Others (actual professional TV critics) have written great recaps and reviews, some have even created fan videos.

I’ve read a lot and watched a lot of them, and I present to you my favorites:

To get you caught up with Lost so far: “Lost” Recapped by Extended Italian Family.  This YouTube video was posted just a few weeks ago on January 20th and has been viewed 117,855 times.

If the whole jumping through time thingy is confusing you more than algebra confused me (math is really not my thing – in college, I had to take problem solving… twice), then check out this site from the New York Times.  It’s an interactive timeline, starting in 1845, the year that Jacob and TMIB have their loaded conversation on the beach and the year the Black Rock left Portsmouth, England. The NY Times have really outdone themselves with this timeline, though, as there are also videos, photos, audio clips, and links to the episodes at ABC.com.  Good job, NY Times!  (Too bad no one reads newspapers on, well, paper anymore.)

And, lastly but most importantly, head over to EW.com where they have a whole “Special Coverage” area on their site for their vast Lost database.  Anything you find there is going to be terrific, and they’re very good about warning you about spoilers.  You’d have to be really blonde to read a spoiler (ok, yes, it happened to me once).  If you don’t have hours to wile away exploring the “Totally Lost” branch of the EW.com website, just read Doc Jensen’s stuff.  The man is a brilliant writer, very smart but accessible, funny, clearly a devout and loyal fan, and a guy who I’m convinced knows how it all ends.

So that ought to be enough to get you caught up and on solid ground for the rest of the sixth and final season of Lost.  If you’re still confused, I have a Lost notebook that might help you out, as well as all the previous seasons on DVD.  Or you could just buy me a cup of coffee and pick my brain.


So what do you think?

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